A Robotic Process Automation Platform that helps you focus on the business,
rather than the technology behind it!

INTELLIBOT gets featured in The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation, Q2 2018 as an RPA Specialist & Emerging player in less than 6 months of its product launch
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Easy, Versatile and AI Capable

Intellibot is a powerful RPA Platform that is designed to simplify the lifecycle of RPA deployments at every step of the process. Speed, reliability, ease of use and extensibility are at the heart of the platform architecture. Intellibot incorporates many next generation features that enable it to deliver on even the most complex RPA projects.


Visual Programming

Intellibot is easy. Our proprietary Visual Programming Engine combined with the Computer Vision makes business process automation design an incredibly easy task. Simply drag and drop components or skills on the design surface, and connect them to each other in a Microsoft Visio styled UI. This technique is so effective that developers can automate processes from SOP documents. Our studio highlights the logical path of execution and pin points where an issue has been detected, significantly reducing the development effort. Its clean, its intuitive and its more powerful than you can imagine.


Computer Vision

Intellibot uses a novel approach to Robotic Process Automation. While existing RPA solutions use slow, difficult and error prone techniques of interrogating screen elements and setting match rules, our robots interact with a screen like humans do. Intellibot uses Computer Vision Engine to identify screen elements such as applications, buttons, menus and textboxes. This makes Intellibot compatible with all technologies, including Citrix, Java, .Net and Web. What's more? Since there is no dependency on the underlying application code, computer vision based bots are more reliable in production environments.


We understand Risk and the needs of our customers to comply with Regulations, Security Standards and IT Policies. Intellibot Platform has been architected to be secure, reliable, scalable and cloud compatible from day one.



Intellibot Platform incorporates secure design principles from design stage and not as an after thought. Be it access based on "need to have" principle or encryption of data in storage or motion. Intellibot uses industry standards and time tested techniques to secure the information it handles.



We understand the importance of Business Process Service Level Agreements. Intellibot Platform supports Active-Active and Active-Passive failover strategies at every level to ensure Business Process Continuity.



A single instance to handle organisation wide deployments. Intellibot enables logical partitioning based on Orginisation, Region or Department. Each logical unit can be managed independently with dedicated set of resources such as administrators, bots, packages and schedules.


Cloud ready

Works on in house, private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures. Intellibot Platform can be easily configured to work on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.


Intellibot has been designed keeping extensibility in mind, enabling it to be compatible with todays complex and dynamic IT environment. Intellibot's ability to abstract application screens and third party services into reusable components gives it unprecedented flexibility.


Intellibot provides integration with popular enterprise softwares and web services. Our platform covers everything from loops, conditions, user actions, file formats, environment variables, directory operations, string operators, math operators and more. We expose Microsoft .Net classes to extend the functionality of the platform even further.


AI in a box


Intellibot Platform comes with built-in Cognitive services such as Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Reader (OCR), users can now incorporate industry leading AI services with Intellibot in seconds. No coding needed. Intellibot has native support for IBM Watson, Google Machine Learning and Microsoft Cognitive Services.


Is there a functionality missing in our platform? We are releasing our Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling developers to build their own connectors and components in order to extend the functionality of our Platform. Once developed, these components can be deployed across any project within an organisation.


Market Place


Leverage the power of Intellibot Community. Get instant access to components and connectors developed by members of our community through Intellibot's Market Place. Each component in our Market Place is thoroughly vetted and approved by Intellibot's Development and Security Team.


Best in class RPA service to compliment the best in class RPA software! The Intellibot Services methodology utilizes a five-phase approach that supports implementation and deployment success. Each Intellibot Professional Services engagement, regardless of geography or industry, is meticulously managed and tracked to ensure that our customer’s overall organizational goals are achieved. The implementation team is comprised of seasoned technologists, business analysts and consultants who work together to ensure that the solutions we deploy are aligned to your organization goals.

We automate for Impact

Go from Customer Care to Customer Delight

Reduce the average handling time of each request, whether it is a back end task or direct customer interaction

Increase Operation Efficiency

Our virtual workforce does not go home or take breaks. Smart and efficient, Intellibot knows which tasks are important and prioritizes them

Improve Staff Engagement

Why do humans have to perform like robots? Intellibot enables employees to focus on human tasks

Reduce Operational Losses

Intellibot is good at doing what it has been trained for, it will never miss a step or commit a fraud

Gain insight into your business

Era of End of Day reports are over, view live dashboards of your business performance

Increase Regulatory Compliance

Intellibot can help you adhere to increased regulatory compliance requirements.

Automation Consulting

Establish a RPA strategy or setup RPA Center of Excellence in your organization

Automation Lifecycle Management

Use our highly skilled RPA staff to build, operate and maintain RPA projects


Cloud hosted, RPA optimize environment to meet any automation challenge

Solution Features

Role Based Access Control

Assign access to staff on need to have basis to Design Studio, Orchestrator and Reports

Version Control

Historic view of RPA Projects and changes made over time

Business and IT Reports

Use preconfigured reports about the performance of the platform. Design your own business reports

Security of data in storage, motion and use

Industry standard AES256 Bit encryption and SSL certificates ensure enterprise class security


Go from 1 bot to 100 with a click of a button. Built using Microsoft standard technology, scalability is part of the platform DNA

Cloud friendly

Compatible with internal or external cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Seamless Integration with APIs, Databases and Operating System

Easy integration with custom APIs, popular Database engines and OS level operations

Audit Logging

Granular audit log of all user and bot activities

Citrix Compatible

Our unique vision based automation is compatible with Citrix and similar screen streaming solutions