Image Classification Strawberry Leaves - See how Intellibot can now classify Images

Classify Text according to its content with the Text Classification Connector from Intellibot

Linux and Mac Automation with Secure Shell (SSH)

Chatbot development no longer needs special skills

IOT Chatbot - Automations get more power with integrated chatbots and IOT tools

ServiceNow - Intellibot brings to you a dedicated connector for ServiceNow

Object Detection is not just a programmers thing anymore

Get VM Details using Powershell ( RPA | Automation )

User Plugin - Learn to build your own custom components in less than 5 minutes

Using Text Analytics Service from Azure Cognitive Services in Robotic Process Automation

Using Face Detection Service from Azure Cognitive Services in Robotic Process Automation

Using Computer Vision Service from Azure Cognitive Services in Robotic Process Automation

Rules Engine - Making rules more manageable

System Events Connector makes it easy to monitor your files, network, and session

Extract tables from PDF like never before

Here's the SQL component that makes interactions with your database simple

Directory - File System Manipulations using Intellibot Studio

Change Resolution - Don't let your automation fail just due to a resolution mismatch

GoTo and Flag make navigating simpler

Handling PDFs with INTELLIBOT is just few clicks away

GetTable component enables easy extraction of data from Grids, List Box, Combo Box, and HTML tables

Read barcodes quickly and accurately ( RPA | Automation )

DPA Invoice Processing Plus Citrix Automation

Deal with images with simple drag and drop components from Intellibot

Learn to perform VLOOKUP in an excel sheet in less than 2 minutes

Now accessing and managing Outlook e-mail messages just got easier!

Get and set items and properties in lists or objects using components for Reflection

Any Expression - One solution - Intellibot

Encrypt, Decrypt your data with the Security Components from Intellibot

Perform all commonly used List related operations with ease using Intellibot

Wait Validations were never so easy!

Manage all your key-value pairs using the key value pair connector

Take Screenshot and log your dashboards or screen instance with a simple capture component

Action Set - Creating a Model of an Application screen with just one component