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The ACTIONSET is not working on my system.And also after adding OCR Modeller,i am unable to save the project.

Please fix these issues.

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Hello Sikun,

Thank you for your interest in INTELLIBOT!


This is very likely to occur on “Windows 7” and “Windows 10” due to Media Feature pack not installed on your machine.

Request you to please follow the steps mentioned in the path :


Please let us know if you are still facing any issues.


Thank you,

Vamsi. posted this 6 days ago

I have already installed media feature pack and updated my OS.It is still not working posted this 6 days ago



Please reach us at, will connect remotely and troubleshoot.



Vamsi posted this 2 days ago


This file was missing in my system.Thats why the ActionSet was not running.I downloaded the file and pasted it in the system32.Now its working perfectly.