I'd been having trouble with ActionSet using just the Window Handle to locate my app in ActionSet. I thought it was just related to Win7, as I've seen posts elsewhere on the Internet about ActionSet not working on Win7, so I tried on Win10 - same problem. What could be wrong? Surely it works ...

Here's a snip from the ActionSet config screen (you can see "Find Window" isn't checked):

The symptoms may well be familiar to many. After setting the Anchor in ActionSet, and creating a list of actions to be executed, as shown, and running the flow, the targets appear to be found far away from where specified.

Fix one, which works on both Win7 at 125% scaling and Win10 at 100% scaling, is to check the "Find Window" checkbox and pick an appropriate rule for "Match Rules". For my app it's "Equals 'My CRM (Sample App)'. (Anyone that went through UiPath training probably has this app, which was actually created by one of the principals of ratchetsoft.com, Bart Farmer. He never gets any credit for it, but thanks Bart!) It's good for testing and is only 64kb. It looks like this:

On to Fix Two. A window handle is basically just an integer, but it wasn't working when wired in directly. Take a look at the flow below. I really don't know why sending the handle to a variable and from there to the ActionSet works (instead of connecting the window handle from "Start App" to the data in port of "ActionSet"), but it does.

Here's the flow: