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 Hi Team!

I am wondering how to initialize lists and add items to it during tests for Variable component? I have this workflow: 

So in my process this activity gets variable 'PartNum' from another activity and I do not want it to be global, I want this variable to be local. For test purposes I need to create some values in my list variable 'PartNum'. However, I did not find any possibility to do it. I do not want to use List component as Global Object because this will initialize global list that I do not really need. Is there any possibility to initizalize and fill list locally?

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Intellibot Support posted this 07 December 2020


Please find the screenshot below,

Please use this script shown below,

Dim list As New List(Of Integer)




Hope its helps!

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support.


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Thanks for your help!