API testing with SOAP and REStAPI

  • Last Post 02 January 2019
smailymadhurip.in@mouritech.com posted this 23 December 2018

I tried  to  execute SOAP  service  through Intellibot

The documentation I got  from web is: https://intellibot.io/documentation/Components/Details/49885fdf-be5e-4338-8c85-132c5a7cc3b3

WSDL I have used is: http://webservices.oorsprong.org/websamples.countryinfo/CountryInfoService.wso?WSDL

In that methods/requests I have tried  are List of country names, Capital city.

However it isnot able to get out put.

Why because, the document  in the web says ‘soap request ‘where as in the  community version Intellibot we see ‘soap service’  where in we don’t find all the  properties from it .

  please let me know how to proceed API tests  both SOAP and  REST APIs



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smailymadhurip.in@mouritech.com posted this 26 December 2018

Is there any other way to do API testing in intellibot? your  early reply is highly appreciated. As we are blocked.

vamsi.goli@intellibot.io posted this 02 January 2019


Thank you for your query, We have looked into your issue and are currently working on a resolution for you, Kindly allow us some time to get back to you.

Appreciate your Patience.