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This time we are having some complicated mistakes:


Practically every day, more than once a day, the software ends with some errors.

The project is large, the execution sequence takes hours and works with several sites, with entries and confirmations within a system.

At a certain moment, with little execution time or with a lot of time, in a stage with less data or with a lot of data, the software closes (intellibot), abruptly.

In some situations it even corrupts the project file (.ibot).

The log does not indicate the error, when checking it, but it is possible to catch application errors in the windows event viewer, with an error of:


1 - OutOfMemoryException;

2 - Errors in dll, or module failure:


- gdiplus.dll;

- ntdll.dll;

- clr.dll.


All of these errors have a specific image uploaded.

(erroCrash, error1, error2, error3, error4, error5)


The project uses a cloud database to save data and then used and execution annotation. It processes 14 sites and 1 system (with image activities) each site has access to the system to carry out two processes for each amount captured on the sites, with a total of approximately 10,000 items (sales figures).


These errors occur at undefined moments.

In the upload I also send a file with the specifications of the machine. (resources_pc)

What could be causing these errors? Is the project too big? Is it necessary to optimize the code? Avoid using databases? Does the tool have a subprocess limit? Since when running it opens each one and accumulates several activity tabs (and visually notes the log for each one).


We would like some answers and possibilities,


thank you very much!









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Our team will connect with you over the email and share the details on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support.