Scenario: I have a math expression of (x*y). I wanted to automate this expression.

We use Expression component for automating the logical & arithmetic expressions.

Here are the steps to follow:

1.       1. On the Component ToolBox panel, extract the following components to the Designer Surface.

  •          Click icon  General.
  •          A General category drop-down menu should appear.
  •      Drag Expression and MessageBox components.

2.       2. On Expression component, double-click on Expression property and then enter a value.

3.       3. Enter the expression x*y in the Expression port property field.

4.       4. Enter values for the two strings in data In-port property fields that are created automatically.

5.       5. Connect the Control In/Out ports between the components right from Start to End components.

6.       6. Connect the data ports of Expression and MessageBox components.

7.     7. Press F5 key to run the activity.

Th                    The complete process is shown in the fig. below.We have assumed X=5 and Y=6 and the result is 30.