Scenario:  I want to display the numbers in a loop of 1 to 10. Using ForLoop component you can automate this process.

  1. Go to Component ToolBox panel, extract the following component to the Designer Surface.
  •       Click Icon  Loops.
  •       A Loops category drop-down menu should appear.
  •       Drag ForLoop Component.
  •       Click Icon   General.
  •       A General category drop-down menu should appear.
  •           Drag Variable, script and MessageBox Components.      

       2. Double-click  icon to add variables.

        3.  Double-click on each variable and enter a value.

        4.  Below the Activity Explorer, you find ForLoop Properties panel.

        5.  On the Loop drop-down menu, enter a value 1 in the text box next to Increment By property.


       6. Connect the Control In/Out ports between the components right from Start to End components.

      7. Connect the data ports of Variable, For Loop and MessageBox components.

      8. Press F5 key to run the activity.

The output would be: