comparison of two values and get value output where mistake goes wrong

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input :

Value 1: vijay belongs to vishakapatnam.

value2: vijay belongs  vishakapatnam.


Can anyone Please Help me, How can I compare "value1" and "value2",while comparing both values,we get mistake because from "value2".... "to" can i get output as it indicates "to" is missing. 

OUTPUT : "to" missing  


Swathi Muppalla posted this 28 November 2018


Hi Saneeth,

Thank you for your interest in INTELLIBOT!

 Under "String Utilities" section, we have components like Split using which we can  split the Value1  by " "(Space Separator) and pass the value to for each Contains  pass Value 2 find out if both the values are equal/same, if two value are equal Boolean value is TRUE or Else Value1 & Value2 is Not match Boolean value is False ,connect   Boolean out Put port to decision you can get Missing Data In the Message Box (Show) component.

Below screenshot is provided as a reference: 



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