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I tried to scrape data from the Flipkart website.. But it is not ale to pull out the tables from there. Below are the steps required.

- Get an input from the user for the products they want to buy

- Open flipkart and search for that product

- scrape all the data till the last page and write to an excel sheet.


I am able to reach upto step 2, but when I try to extract the data table, it gives an error. Could you please help with this?



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Hi Khwaja,

Can you please let us know the error that you're facing? and where exactly you're getting the error and what are the components you used to fetch the flipkart results? posted this 28 January 2020

Hi Khwaja,

Hope you were able to overcome the issues that you had with Data Scarping!!, if not please do let us know if you need any help from ourside.

Thanks & Regards

Alphonsa. posted this 30 January 2020

Hi.. Sorry for the late response... I was not able to solve the problem yet.. I have attached the workflow here (workflow - Flipkart).

Currently I am able to extract only the first Items info from the table.. But below is the requirement.

- Want to scrape everything from the table which may be spanning across multiple pages.

-  Let's suppose we want to scrape till page number 5 only. How to restrict that.

- Sometimes few pop ups arise after browsing the URL. How to handle those cases where if any pop up arises it will click it else if it doesn't show up simply move to next step.

Please help with this.


Khwaja posted this 06 February 2020

Hi.. any progress on the above post? posted this 07 February 2020

Hi Khwaja,

Sincere apologies for the delayed response. We will connect with you over the email and share the details on this.

Thanks & Regards