Scenario: I have an Excel Worksheet containing two sheets named as Sheet-1, Sheet-2. I want to remove Sheet-2. 

This process can be automated using DeleteWorkSheet component.

The following steps would help you:

  1. Go to Component ToolBox panel, extract the following components to the Designer Surface.

        a. Click Icon  Connectors.

        b. From the Connectors category drop-down menu, drag Microsoft Excel component.

        c. Click Icon  General.

        d. From General category drop-down menu, drag MessageBox component.

  2. Go to Activity Explorer panel and click Activities drop-down menu, click Main and then double-click MicrosoftExcel_1.


  3. An Object Explorer panel should appear down the Component ToolBox. 

  4. On Object Explorer pane, Click Properties drop-down menu and drag FilePath component onto the Designer Surface.   

  5. Double-click Filepath data-In-port property and enter path/ location of the excel file.

  6. Go to Object Explorer panel. click Methods drop-down menu and drag Open and DeleteWorkSheet component onto the Designer Surface.

  7. Double-click Sheet property and enter the sheet name.

  8. Right-click SheetBy property and click Override.

  9. A Port Properties dialog box should appear.

 10.Click Static and select Name/Index from the static value drop-down list.

 11. Click OK button.

 12. Connect the Control In/Out ports between the components right from Start to End components.

 13. Connect the data ports of Microsoft Exel-1 and MessageBox components.

 14. Press F5 key to run the activity.

The result: 

Initially there are two worksheets. After Automation, there is only one worksheet displayed.