Dictionary methods

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jsanthosh217@gmail.com posted this 22 October 2018

Hi all,

           Can anyone explain the ParseFromText Component and methods in dictionary. How to extract the item(key and value) by TextSelection in Actionset.

Thanks in Advance

Deepak posted this 23 October 2018

Hi Santhosh,

Apologies for the delay in response and thank you for your interest in INTELLIBOT!

Please find below steps to work with KeyValuePair connector.

1. Drag and drop the KeyValuePair connector into global objects.

2. Double click on IB_KeyValuePair under global objects then the list methods defined under KeyValuePair will appear on left side of the studio.                                                  

3. Expand methods, then after drag and drop the "ParseFromText" method, in the text input field enter the value to parse.

For example >> Name : Santhosh

Here Name is the key ,Santhosh is the value and ':' will act as a keyValueSeparator.

4. To retrieve the details use GetItem component by dragging from methods. Here input Key value as "Name", So that it will return value.

For your reference see below image.

Also please go through the other components from the methods and Please let us know if you need any help from our end.



Deepak Balla,

Support Engineer.