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I´m trying to find documentation on how to use different connectors, primary now is the use of the outlook connector my goal to understand.

Deepak posted this 14 September 2018

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for downloading and trying out the Intellibot Studio. We are in the process of completing our documentation and uploading it on our site.

In the meantime, I am attaching the instructions to use the Microsoft Outlook connector below.

      1) Once the project is loaded, drag and drop the Microsoft Outlook Connector (under Connectors category in the Component toolbox) and drop it on the Global Objects Folder in the Solution Explorer.

1)            2) Now double click on the MicrosoftOutlook_1 connector in the Solutions Explorer to load the associated  Methods in the Object Explorer Window.


            3)      Now you can drag and drop the necessary Methods from the Object Explorer to the Design Surface.


            4)   Start by dragging and dropping the SetAccount Method and provide the email address of the account configured in the local Microsoft Outlook Client.


         Note: Microsoft Outlook Client must be pre-configured and working with the email address being provided to the SetAccount Method.


2)           5)   Use GetMails Method to fetch Top 10, unread email from the mailbox. Both these settings can be changed by editing the corresponding settings on the GetMails Method (please refer to the screenshot above). The GetMails Method returns a List object that contains all the fetched emails. You can use the For Each loop and GetMail Method to access each Mail Object and its properties.

3)            6)   Similarly, you can use the Reply or SendMail Methods to reply to current email object to compose a new email.

Please try these steps and let us know if you are facing any difficulty or issues, will be happy to connect over gotomeeting/skype and provide further clarity.


Thanks and Regards

Support Engineer

Deepak Balla