Does Intellibot have Web Scraping capability like BluePrism or UIPath?

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  • Topic Is Solved posted this 19 June 2018

Hi, I'd like to know if Intellibot can scrape an HTML page like UIPath or web automation modeler like in BP? 

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ShivaKumar posted this 19 June 2018

Hi Runjit,


Thank you for your interest in INTELLIBOT!

Intellibot very much supports web scrapping.  For example, if you would like to extract table contents from A webpage. You can achieve this using “Gettable” component as shown below.

Sample Table:


After execution:


Shiva Kumar,

Support Engineer. posted this 20 June 2018

that's the result i get, in the screenshot. don't know what's wrong. also the html page that I am going to work on changes dynamically in content. i. e, the image, vertical scroll tables and lists that update in every new URL of the same page, as such how effective is this "capture image" of the GetTable/GetText/... component/s when it can't be done efficiently on a static html element. I've tried using the said components numerous times, over the days, re-'capturing', and quite honestly the tool works different in practice as to what your library examples or forum depict. posted this 20 June 2018

To clarify : I want to parse the HTML off a page and detect the content in specific 'divs'. Is it possible to use selectors for pulling content from specific class / id. 

ShivaKumar posted this 25 June 2018

Hi Runjit,


Apologies for delayed response and thank you for your interest in INTELLIBOT!

In “Gettable” component properties panel, set "Target Platform" as “Web” to extract table data from web pages.



Shiva Kumar,

Support Engineer. posted this 26 June 2018

oh no problem and thank you for the help so far. Ok so I tried your suggestion but it only populated one column in the output. However, after the "web connector" was configured(as demonstrated by you off-the-record), I was able to use the "get table" action under the "action set". So I think I'm all-set with "get table"'s functionality at this point. I just hope though this information on Connectors gets updated on the library resource on the site so others can benefit as well. thanks otherwise, you've been incredible!

renjithvr posted this 08 September 2020

How to scrap data from ecommerce websites such as details of appliances. like creating patterns of the displayed information and extracting the whole details. not about getting data from table. its very basic. to get data from ecomerce websites about products