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Paul Fontain posted this 29 August 2018


Im currently trying to automate a web site and click a certain <h2></h2> element by id, but i dont see any utility pinpointing this feature? How should i do this with Intellibot?

Thank you in advance 

ShivaKumar posted this 30 August 2018

Hi Paul,

With Intellibot you don’t need to identify HTML element tags or ids to interact with them. Simply use the ‘Click’(https://docs.intellibot.io/Studio/actions/Click/)/’Mouse’(https://docs.intellibot.io/Studio/actions/Mouse/) components (under Actions UI category) to visually identify and click on the element from the front end, like a human would do.

In case the above components do not work for your use case, Intellibot provides two additional components using which you can achieve the requested functionality of performing clicks using element tags or ids. However, these two components will work only on Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

 Internet Explorer connector

      Javascript Component (https://docs.intellibot.io/Studio/actions/JavaScript/)


Please feel free to download the file from below link


Do let us know if you need further assistance, we can have a demo call scheduled as per your availability.


Thank you,

Shiva Kumar