Error OpenCV: u != 0

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During the project, I use several 'wait for image' activity to work at certain stages within a ERP system (the only form of robotization found).


There is a random error in these activities with the following message:


"An error occured during execution. Component 'Wait For Images' failed to execute.

1.OpenCV: u! = 0."


When searching, I found that it is an out of memory error.


More memory was requested for the computer and some improvements were applied in the process to reduce memory usage, however, the error still occurs randomly.


Any suggestions for the reasons?



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Intellibot Support posted this 09 March 2021


Can you please let us know which OS you are currently using?

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support. posted this 5 weeks ago

Hi, Win10,


but, I'm sorry for the delay in the response,

the client put more memory on the computer and this error stopped, so ... the correct memory for the project size is as indicated (in this case 8gb).

I will be opening another one with a different error.

I believe we can close this post.

Thank you very much!