Hi, I'm trying to execute Javascript in Chrome. It works fine in Win7 and Win10 with IE, but not with Chrome.

I am starting out with a simple "alert('Hello world');" on any number of pages for testing (all pages I have tried with Chrome yield "An error occurred during execution", but all pages succeed with IE from "Start App").

I do have the Chrome plugin enabled.

I have also tried on Win10 with Selenium (not working for me on Win7, but I'm sure that is a system issue and not an Intellibot issue) with the Chrome browser, but I get the same error as above. With Selenium IE, the automation completes successfully, however, just as when started with "Start App".

(Just for clarification, I am trying to use the Action entitled 'Java Script', both from browsers started with "Start App" and from Selenium connectors.)

EDIT: Issue resolved.

  • Use Chrome connector.
  • Configure per docs.
  • Uncheck incorrect items if any, make sure radio button for target webpage turns green and Page Match rule is also green.
  • Instead of Action "Java Script", use method "ExecuteJavaScript" on target webpage.