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I want to know about these components from Table Connector.

1. What is purpose of using "GetFilterData" component from Table Connector, What kind of filter we can apply there and how?.

2. If i want to use "FilterAndSort"  then what kind of expression we can pass to the Expression Port eg. VB.NET methods OR formulas etc..

Looking forward for your response.



ShivaKumar posted this 04 April 2019


Hi Pankaj,


"GetFilteredData" is a method available in Excel connector and not under Table connector. It is used to extract the filtered data from an Excel sheet.


"SetFilter" method can be used to filter the data based on the requirement. Sheet Name, Column Name, and Filter Value have to be provided as input. For example:

SheetName: Sheet1

ColumnName: G

FilterValue (can be a string or expression): > 123


"FilterAndSort" method is used to set a filter based on an expression. This also supports sorting of data in ascending or descending order.

For example:

Expression: Age > 18 and Age < 21

SortColumnName: Age

Order: Asc or Desc



Shiva Kumar