To find out the length of the string, we have GetLength component.

The following steps help you to understand it better:


1.Go to the Component Tool Box panel, extract the following components onto the Designer Surface.

a.Click Icon  Utilities.

b.From Utilities category drop-down menu, click String Utilities component and then drag GetLength  component.

c.Click Icon  General.

d.From General category drop-down menu, drag MessageBox component.

2.Go to GetLength component on the Designer surface, double-click Text property field and enter the text. 

For our example, it is UberTechLabs.

3.Connect the Control In/Out ports between the components right from Start to End components.

4.Connect the Data In/Output ports of String Utilities and MessageBox components as shown in the fig.

5.Press F5 key to run the activity.