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Hi, I'm new to Intellibot (I have some rpa experience with UiPath) and was wondering if there is something like the assets and get assets functionality built in to Intellibot where I can store some strings and/or password that way I don't have to hardcode it (it's for a thesis and I don't want to publish my email or password hardcoded to github)

If you look at the image attached, I would like to get the bearerToken, to, email and password from a safe location.

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Hi Pessemier,

Thank you for contacting Intellibot support team.

Yes, we do have Assets which needs to be defined in Orchestrator.

Please refer to the below link for more information ,

and to fetch information from Orchestrator, you can use GetAssets.

Please refer below link for more information 
GetAssets. posted this 3 days ago

Okay! Thanks a lot!

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