Handoff between RDA Bot and the User

  • Last Post 18 August 2020
hiren.sharma@neudesic.com posted this 18 August 2020

I am building an RDA bot and it's doing all the operations on a remote machine. Needless to say, every interaction using ActionSet and images.

Since this is the RDA bot, the bot is working on the same machine as the User. And there might be a chance where User would like to take control of the system or the Bot encounters an unexpected situation and would want the human to take over. 

Again, these handoff situations cannot be pre-determined. So I want to know if there is a way to know when the user tries to take control of the system by moving the mouse or typing something on the keyboard while the bot is running, so the bot can confirm with the User with a message if it should hand off the control to the User?

With current scenario my bot just fails if the User moves the mouse or any other interaction.

support@intellibot.io posted this 18 August 2020

Hi Hiren,

Yes, as this particular automation needs to rely on the UI actions and if user interrputs those actions, chances are high that automation gets failed. In order to avoid these kind of issues we have something called BOT session.

For more information on this you can reach out to our sales team (sales@intellibot.io)

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support.