How to connect outlook desktop application and copy body of the email from desktop/web outlook

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i am unable to connect to outlook desktop application to read email content.

Please help me how to connect and copy body of the email from desktop outlook/web outlook



ShivaKumar posted this 18 June 2018


Hi Mounika,

Apologies for the delayed response and thank you for your interest in INTELLIBOT!

Intellibot studio is equipped with an Outlook connector to interact with your desktop Outlook application.

Please find mentioned below steps to access the Outlook connector.

 1.Drag and drop the Microsoft Outlook connector into global objects.

 2.Double click on Outlook connector under global objects then the list methods defined under Outlook will appear on left side of the studio.


3.Expand methods, then after drag and drop the "Set Account" method with valid outlook mail id registered in the desktop outlook application. 

4.Then drag and drop the "Get Mails" method.

5.Drag and drop the "For Each" component from Loops it will used to read mails one by one.

6.Then after use "Get Mail" method to extract body etc.  


For your reference see below image.



Please let us know if any further questions.



Shiva Kumar,

Support Engineer.