How to End For Each loop and continue further script

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We have used for each loop to repeat few actions, but unable to end this loop to continue further steps. If we add further steps, those are also including in for each loop. 

Could you please let us know how to end for each loop and add further actions to continue script.



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ShivaKumar posted this 07 June 2018


Hi Mounika,

Apologies for delayed response also thanks for your interest in INTELLIBOT!

With respect to your query, if you want to exit from ‘For Each’ loop before all the records have been processed by the loop, use the ‘Break’ component. For your reference see below image.



However, if you are trying to execute some steps after all the records have been processed by the ‘For Each’ loop, connect them to the ‘Control Out’ port of the ‘For Each’ loop, as shown below.



Do let us know if you need any additional help.


Shiva Kumar,

Support Engineer. posted this 08 June 2018

Thank You Shiva.