how to get second data output in set text activity

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SRIKANTHVVC@GMAIL.COM posted this 21 February 2018

how to get second data output in set text  activity


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SRIKANTHVVC@GMAIL.COM posted this 21 February 2018

Ravi posted this 22 February 2018

Dear Srikanth,


Thank you for contacting INTELLIBOT support.


Based on your query, We found that, you wanted to display an error message in message box, while Settext component failed.


Here are the steps to follow:

1.Go to the Component Tool Box panel, Expand General Category 

2.Drag and Drop FLAG component on to the designer surface.

3.Double click on Unnamed Flag field on Flag component and write "Error Occured"(Note,you can write any text in this field.).

4.Connect Data-out port of Flag Component to message box.

5.Right-Click on SETTEXT component, select Error Handler.

6.On ERROR-HANDLER dialog box ,select GoTOFlag from dropdownlist and select the flag name in next dropdownlist (available flags will be displayed in this dropdownlist).


Please find the below images for your reference.



Please, do contact us if you have additional queries. Thanks again!


Best regards,  



SRIKANTHVVC@GMAIL.COM posted this 23 February 2018

thank u..

I got the result