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How to use the NLP connector and extract entities from invoice documents?


Varsha posted this 01 October 2018

Hi Varun,


Thanks for your interest in INTELLIBOT!


The current NLP component available in the community version of Intellibot Studio work with Microsoft Luis platform. (

1. To Use NLP Connector first we have to login to

2. Create a model by adding intents , entities and utterances and Click on train button.

3. Click on publish button.

3. Search for Keys and Endpoints and click on it.

4. After that Click on Endpoint URL (it will navigate to another URL).

5. In that URL find App Key and Subscription Key.


1. Go to Menu bar Click on SETTING then Click on Plugin Manager.

2. Select NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING (NLP) Connector and Install it.



3. Click on Ok.

4. Right-Click on Plugin and Add Plugin.


5. Select NLP Connector and click on OK.



6. Then you can see NLP in Connector Category.







7. Drag the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Connector drop it on the Global Objects Folder in the Solution Explorer.

8. Double-click on NLP Connector then we can find Methods of NLP Connector on Object explorer.


9. Drag the Set Config Method & drop it into design surface.

10. Double-click on URL port and give the URL (

11. Copy the App Key and Subscription Key from endpoint navigated URL and paste to the App Key and Subscription Key port of Set Config Method.

12. Run the Set Config Method.

13. Drag the Extract Intents Method & drop it into design Surface.

14. Double click on Extract Intents then Intent Browser Window Will Open.


15. Click on Load then it will load all the Intent that we added in Model.

16. Select the Intents from which you want to extract entities, click on OK.

17. Drag the Variable from General category and give the Sample input (Ex: Book me a flight ticket from Hyderabad to Mumbai).

18. Now Drag the Extract Entities Method.

19. Double click on Extract Entities Method then we found Entities Browser Window.



20. Click on Refresh Button then it loads entities from the Model (Which we created in Luis)

21. Select the entities, to recognize the entities from the given text in Extract Entities Method do it for how many intents you have selected in Intents Browser dialog.



22. Connect the Control Ports and Data Ports, Run the Activity.



You can get the values of entities whatever you have selected in Entities Browser window.

Let me know any further queries.




Support Engineer.