Non-Outlook Email Automation

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Paul Fontain posted this 03 September 2018

Hello everyone

I noticed that there is a Outlook Component for email automation, my question is, is there support for non-outlook email, for example, a Gmail account, in case there is not, should i script this interaction using IronPython or C# ?

Thank you in advance

ShivaKumar posted this 05 September 2018

Hi Paul,

At the moment Microsoft Outlook (and hence Intellibot Outlook connector) can be configured to work with GApps email (company/corporate email), but not the free Gmail account. This is a restriction from Google and Microsoft.

 Intellibot's SMTP/POP/IMAP connector is under development and will be released into production by September end. In the meantime, please use any of the scripting options or User Plugins ( to achieve the functionality.



Shiva Kumar,

Support Engineer.