OCR/ICR Capabilities

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yuvraj@vantageagora.com posted this 21 December 2017


Looking for OCR/ICR help documentation or video. Trying to extract insurance documents.

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Ravi posted this 29 December 2017

Dear Yuvraj,

Thank you so much for your interest in Intellibot! Also, my apologies for the delayed response.

With respect to your query regarding OCR/ICR functionality, we have the OCR TEXT components (under Actions Category), that support extraction of text from images.

I am detailing the steps of how to use the OCR from within the OCR Text component.

1.On the Component ToolBox panel, expand Actions category.

2.From the Actions category drop-down menu, drag OCR Text  component onto the Designer Surface.

3.Change the Image source to Filepath on the properties window of the OCR Text component.

4.Now double click on data-in port field of OCR Text Component and give the file path.

5.Connect the control ports between default START Component to OCR Text Component.

6.Go to General category, drag and drop Message Box component on to the Designer surface.

7.Now connect the control ports and data ports between OCR Text  Component and Message Box Component.

8.And finally connect the control ports between Message box Component and default END Component.

9.Given image File 

Result :



Additionally, in our next release, Intellibot Studio will support OCR/ICR from third parties such as Abbyy, Parascript, etc.

Please, do contact us if you have additional queries. Thanks again!

Best regards, 


yuvraj@vantageagora.com posted this 29 December 2017

Thanks. I had a call with your team yesterday. Exciting times. Will look into the above suggested solution. Was trying with OCR Modeler and image utilities - Read from file. What's the use of that component?

Do you have a quick cheat sheet of all the major components? I understand we are in the process of getting the help document roled out.



Ravi posted this 02 January 2018

Hi Yuvraj, 

A very happy new year to you. 

OCR Modeller component is undergoing some change and will be released into the community edition shortly. 

The "Image Utilities - Read From File" component is used to read an image from disk (.jpeg, .png, etc.) and then pass the image to another component (that accepts image as data input) for processing, for instance the "OCR Text" Component. Please see the below example for reference.


 A number of components accept Image as in input, a short list is provided below for your reference:

- Utilities > Clipboard > SetImage

- Utilities > Image > GetPart

- Utilities > Image > ImageToString

Also, we are working on the product documentation and it will be available on our site by 15th Jan 2018.

Do let us know if you need additional assistance.

yuvraj@vantageagora.com posted this 02 January 2018



I am not sure why I did not get notified of this post.

Our company has signed the NDA with your team. Can you please check what kind of extraction can be achieved with the attached image?

ShivaKumar posted this 06 January 2018

Hi Yuvraj,


Thanks for contacting the Intellibot support team and apologies for the delay. The image that you have attached above is not of sufficient quality for the OCR to work properly. Request you to kindly send the original image (300 DPI or above) to Kushang and we can share the corresponding automation file with you.





prajeeth123.nair@gmail.com posted this 09 May 2018

Hi Ravi

I am getting the below error in the OCR text component. 

An error while trying to perform ocr.

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {40942A6C-1520-4132-BDF8-BDC1F71F547B} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).


Can you please suggest??

Ravi posted this 11 May 2018

HI Prajith,

Can you please confirm your operating system version (Windows 7 or 10) and also OCR engine you are trying use  ?




Support Engineer

runjitlakka@gmail.com posted this 04 June 2018

It appears that image resolution is key for the OCR capability to work properly. On top of that, it'd be much appreciated if someone can post a confirmed list of image file-types IntelliBot OCR is supposed to read given the DPI/PPI

ShivaKumar posted this 08 June 2018


Hello Runjit,

Apologies for delayed response also thanks for your interest in INTELLIBOT!


INTELLIBOT OCR component accepts all image types (like bmp, jpg, tiff, png, gif etc.) supported by Windows operating system. However, their DPI is recommended to be 300dpi or more, anything less than this may lead to accuracy issues. 


Shiva Kumar,

Support Engineer.