Read the excel lines in sequence and search the site.

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I am learning to use the Intellibot Components. Please, I want the support.

I have an excel file with many lines of "Processs Numbers". I need read each one "Process Number" to search in the site and to get download of the files.

My questions are:

1. Which component I can use to read "Process Number". For exemple: Line A2:A50. The Line A1 is column name.

2. Which compoment I can use to read each one "Process Number" sequencial. How I use The For Loop component.

3. If the "Process Number" not found, how I proceed to not interrupt the workflow.


Do you have any exemple for this process or orientation?


Thank you.


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Hi  Jmiyamura,

Welcome to Intellibot.

Please find the answers to your questions as follows.

1. You can use "ReadFromSheet" / "ReadFromRange" methods from Microsoft Excel connector to read the values from Excel.

2. "GetListItem" can be used to retrieve values along with FOR loop.

3. You can use "Decision" component and design the automation flow as per the requirement

We have created a sample automation and attached below. Attachment contains an automation file along with the excel which acts as an input. This automation helps in reading the data from excel and searching the website and writes the results back to excel. Hope this helps!!, please reach out if you have any questions.
Link : Automation
Note: Chrome connector is used in automation, so please ensure "Intellibot Chrome Extension" is added to your chrome(Chrome Extension). 



Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support. posted this 27 June 2020


Thank you so much for your return.

Helped me a lot.


I have a question about the automation example you gave me. I would like to know what the function of "GetOuterTex" that is contained in the Component "Result_text" performs, I don´t understand.


Thanks, posted this 29 June 2020

Hi Julia,

Happy to know that we are able to help you.

GetOuterText method helps in retrieving the text from the element that has been identified using Chrome connector. In our example it helps in knowing whether the website has shown the text "No Results found" after entering the invalid search input.

For more information on OuterText, please refer to the link ( 

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support. posted this 29 June 2020


Thanks for the reply.

I want to insert this method in my automation, but I can't see it. Please, how should I do it?

The Chrome Connector is already added.


Thanks a lot. posted this 29 June 2020

Hi ,

You need to identify the elements using Chrome connector if your target application is a web application. Please find the link for information on Chrome connector.

Please feel free to revert for any further queries\clarifications.

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support. posted this 30 June 2020


I found Getoutertext, now I need to learn how to configure it. Thank you.


In the Automation example, the Getoutertext component, does it identify the "No Results" message on the Web page? Is correct?

The Component Input_Search (SendKey), it is running [Enter], is it correct?


Please, where can I find the explanation of the Counter component.


Thank you. posted this 01 July 2020


Yes, GetOuterText helps in reading the message when "No Results" found.

Yes, we have used the SendKeys in the search textbox in the website  i.e. search key along with actions(Books[Enter]).

The GetListItem output was formated with send key ([Enter])and sent it as input to input_search Sendkeys as Eg: Books[Enter].

Counter is used to increment/decrement the values. In the sample automation, we have used this to increment the value and formatted the text to get the cellName which will help in setting the values in excel

To learn more about Intellibot, please visit our academy(

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support. posted this 05 July 2020


Thanks for the reply.

When I adjust the configuration of the GetOuterText component I must delete and insert it again from the surface or the component updates automatically.


Thanks a lot. posted this 06 July 2020


The Component on the design surface will update automatically, if you recaptured or changed the Locator or Match Attributes to the same element.

Please feel free to revert for any further queries\clarifications.

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support. posted this 08 July 2020



When I use GetOuterText and then StringUtilities / Contains component, can I put the two or more different messages on the same components? posted this 08 July 2020


We will get in touch with you over email.

Thanks & Regards,

Intellibot Support. posted this 21 July 2020


My automation has been completed.

Thank you so much for the support of Alphonsa.