Set Text on Web Page Not working

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Dear Team,

I am exploring RPA tool to automate Webpage fill form by reading Excel and updating back to the same Excel sheet, as i am not able to find much documentation about them and hence reaching out for expert support

Below are the issues that i encountered

1. While using set text, it's not able to identify input fields and throws up error during execution

2. Where can i find log and read them?

Looking forward your support


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  • posted this 26 December 2018

Hello Praveen,

Good to see you using Intellibot Tool.

If my understanding is correct you would like to read data from Excel and update those in the web application.

Please, provide the steps you have followed to achieve this scenario.

Also, Can you please provide the web URL and also fields you are looking to set in the webpage.

We will be more happy to help you with your requirement.


Vamsi Goli.