Table Manipulations

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  • Topic Is Solved posted this 28 December 2020

Hi Team!

I don't get how Table Object References work. I need to work with two tables at the same time (iterate though one and add rows to another). How do I do this?

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Intellibot Support posted this 29 December 2020


Use two table connectors for two different tables so that you can iterate though one and add rows to another.

Go through below the screen short for your reference.



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Intellibot Support posted this 29 December 2020

Thank you for your response!

I've tried this solution, but if I have the following scenario:

Changes are made not only to "DataTableObject", but also to "DataTableObject_2". Why? posted this 08 January 2021

Hi Team!

Can you please answer regarding my problem?

Intellibot Support posted this 09 January 2021


 Sincere Apologies, we somehow missed to respond to your query. As the source dataTable we are passing is same, changes made in one Table is getting impacted to other Table. So, to avoid this we need to make a copy of the Table. Please find the attached screenshot and transform the data before setting the data to DataTable_2. Hope this helps!!


Script in Transform Data:

Dim dt as system.Data.DataTable = new system.Data.DataTable()

dt = Value.Copy()

return dt

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Intellibot Support. posted this 11 January 2021

Thanks! It helped.