Scenario :

Let’s look at the following example :

I have a collection of Items in Script like Hi, Hello, Bye. I want to get a particular item.  

Here is the Process Steps:

1. On the Component ToolBox panel, Click Icon  General.

2. From the General category drop-down menu, drag GetListItem component onto the Designer Surface.

3. From the General category drop-down menu, drag Script component onto the Designer Surface.

4. Double-click on Script component and write the Vb script for extracting values in a list.


5. Click Validate Button.

6. Click on  Icon displayed as on GetListItem Component to check the output value is displayed as “1”.

Note: In generally, a list is indexed from 0. In the above example we gave 1 to extract second Item of the list.

7. Goto the Component Toolbox panel, click  before General.

8. On General category drop-down menu,  drag MessageBox component onto the Designer surface.

9. Connect the input/output ports between the components right from start to stop components.  

10. Connect the data ports of Script, GetListItem and MessageBox components.

11. Press F5 key to run the activity.

The Output is shown in the fig. below.