Scenario :

Let’s look at the following example :

I want to move all files, for example I want to move one folder files to another folder in my system.

Here is the Process Steps:

1. On the Component ToolBox panel, click  before Utilities.

2. On the Utilities drop-down menu, click Directory and then drag MoveDirectory onto the Designing surface.

3. On the Directory component, double-click  sourceDirpath and then give the file path of source folder.

4. Repeat the above process for destDirpath and then give the file path of destination folder.

5. On the same component, right-click overwrite variable and define the boolean values as “True or false”. 

Note: “True” - instructs to overwrite the files with never ones  and “False”- instructs not to overwrite the existing files in the folder..

6. Click OK Button.

7. Connect the input/output ports between the components right from start to stop.

8. Press F5 key to run the activity.