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can  anyone tell me how try catch works and what is the use of it.. please givr one example posted this 03 February 2020

 Hi Padmini,

Try Catch component is placed around your automation flow components to handle the exceptions that may arise due to invalid/null parameters being passed to components, an un-handled exception scenario, etc. This will free the user from using error handling at each component. In case any of the components that are connected after the Try Catch component throws an exception, the flow will be passed on to the On-Error port and the simultaneous error message will be shown at the data out-port which can be logged or acted upon.

Please refer to the below screenshot on how to use TryCatch Component.

Try Catch component consists of two Control-Out ports and one Data-out ports

1. Control-Out port - Connect the components as per your automation flow

2. On Error - When any exception or any component failed to execute then the control goes to OnError Port and automation flow will execute from there.

3. Error Message - Returns the Error Message occurred for the component.


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