Unable to change data type from data table to list while reading from Excel

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mounikap.in@mouritech.com posted this 09 May 2018


I am unable to change data type from Data Table to List  at Data Reader>> Read from Excel component. Could you please help me how to store columns/rows of data in to a list. 

How to run commands from list in command prompt. 

Thank you


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Ravi posted this 11 May 2018

HI Mounika,

Apologies for delayed respons also thanks for your interest in INTELLIBOT!


With respect to your query,

seems like you want to execute commands on command prompt,where all the commands are stored in Excel file.

Here are the simple steps :

1.First read data from excel file using ReadFromExcel component which is under Utilities-DataReader.

2.Start cmd prompt using StartApp by providing a path of command prompt ex: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe.

3.Whatever the data we are reading from excel file pass it to for-each loop,which will return a single row data on each loop.

4.Connect for-each component output to GetListitem to get the column value based on its index.

5.Using Format-text component,concat a [Enter] key.

6.Drag and drop a Sendkeys component on to the designer surface and click on camera icon to capture the command prompt image, provide a Anchor ,so that component can do its action on specified anchor.

7.Output of format-text can be given as input to Sendkeys component.

For furthur details refer the given workflow image :




Support Engineer




mounikap.in@mouritech.com posted this 18 May 2018

Thank You.