Use of Orchestrator Assets and Queues

  • Last Post 07 February 2020 posted this 06 February 2020

Is it possible to access Orchestrator and use queues and Assets etc without a license?

Also could you please help on how to create a credential Asset in Orchestrator?



Khwaja posted this 07 February 2020

Hi Alam,


Yes, It's possible to use assets and queues in orchestrator for that you need to access the community orchestrator from the below link.

Login with your registered login credentials of Intellibot Design Studio.

After logging process completed click on "ROOT".

Click on “Assets” to use assets and Click on "Queues" to use queues.

For creating Robot in Orchestrator, please go through the below link (, once Robot is created, click on “Root” and select Robots tab to assign Robot credentials and also to define the application credentials. 

Thanks and Regards,