Where to find Licensing polices of intellibot?

  • Last Post 24 April 2018
srinathduvva94@gmail.com posted this 23 April 2018


Myself Srinath, I work as a Test Engineer and a RPA enthusiast. Recently my Manager has assigned a open task to everyone in our department - on finding automation solutions for our internal process. And I figured out there is a scope of using RPA. Blue prism is out of context for me and Uipath Community version doesn't allow a user to use within an organisation according to its license policies. I went through Intellibot.io and couldn't find about anything about license agreement. Is Intellibot free to use in an organisation ? I just want to be sure about licensing policies before I Invest my time in learning intellibot and implementing it on our internal processes.

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Ravi posted this 24 April 2018

Hi Srinath,

We offer both community and commercial versions of our software. Community version has no limitations in terms of features. However, it is to be used only for non-commercial purpose (like learning/training etc). You must purchase license if you intend to use it for commercial purpose.

Please reach out to info@intellibot.io for further queries regards commercials. 


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