Scenario:  I want to copy some content into a clipboard.

We can automate this process using Clipboard Component.

The Steps to follow are:

  1. Go to the Component Tool Box panel, extract the following components onto the Designer Surface.

  • Click Icon  Utilities.
  • From Utilities category drop-down menu, click Clipboard and then drag SetText and GetText components.
  • Click Icon   General.
  • From General drop-down menu, drag Variable and MessageBox component.

  2. Double-click Variable property field and enter the text.

  3. Connect the Control In/Out ports between the components right from Start to End components as shown in below fig.

  4. Connect the Data In/Out ports between the following components.

  • Variable and SetText> Clipboard.
  • GetText>Clipboard and MessageBox.

  5. Press F5 key to run the activity.

The output would be: