Generally, we use [alt+f] keyboard shortcut to open a File menu. Likewise we have many keyboard shortcuts  via, [ctrl+a],[ctrl+c],[alt+f],[shift+o]. To automate these keyboard shortcuts we have Action>SendKey component.

Let us assume, I wanted to open a File menu on a notepad using Alt+f keyboard shortcut.


Here are the steps to follow:

1.Go to Component Toolbox panel, click  Icon  Actions.

2.From Actions category drop-down menu, drag SendKeys component onto the Designer Surface.

3.Open the Notepad.

4.Go to Studio, on the SendKeys component, click image icon.

5.Press "Ctrl+Shift" key and capture the Notepad window.

6.Move the green colour plus cursor into the Notepad image.

7.Double-Click Text Input property and enter the Keyboard shortcut keys in  square braces as shown in the fig.

8.Connect the Control In/Out ports between the components right from  Start to End components as shown in the fig.

9.Press F5 key to run the activity.